Five Ways to Lose Weight

Many ways lead to Rome, and that applies to our journey to losing weight. Many companies and manufacturers tell you to try a fat burner claiming that it’s the best supplements for weight loss, and while some are true, most of them are shams, and knowing which one is really the best can be a tricky feat. So, let’s not dwell too much on that, and let us show you the other paths that lead to Rome while you do your due diligence on those weight loss supplements:

Eat on a Schedule

Eating on a schedule helps your body regulate calories and use them wisely because it knows that it can only get a certain amount per day. So, when you eat on a regular basis, you are promoting fat-burning activities in your gut, and the habit can also reduce your constant binging or craving to nibble and snack all the time.

Eat More Protein


Protein is the building block of every cell, which means they are the most important nutrient you need to consume. When you eat a lot of protein, your body will automatically focus on burning more fat because protein helps boost your metabolism, causing your body temperature to rise and give you more energy to work out. And it will go to the point that you will feel all tingly and energized that you have to do some physical activities that lead to calorie and fat burning in your body.



Exercise and good diets are the bread and butter to losing weight, but it can be hard to perform when you don’t know. Exercising helps build muscle and improve our cardiovascular fitness; exercise can also help burn off excess calories and stubborn fat cells that linger inside our bodies, so it’s always a good idea to include some exercise in your weight loss journey.

Drink More Water

Drink Water

Drinking water can help us get leaner. While it may seem too good to be true, it is a veritable fact. This is because water helps keep our bellies full, and by doing so, we are tricking our minds and bodies into making them think that we are already full, so we don’t give out hunger signals and stomach pains that will make us cave into snacking temptations. So, always drink plenty of water throughout the day to get leaner by the minute.

Eat Smaller Portion of Foods

When you have a lot to eat, your body will adapt to those meals that you have and think that they are normal, but when you eat a smaller portion of foods, it will think that you only need that amount to operate. It is all about building a good habit, and when you have mastered this, you will start to notice that your body is making positive changes to your weight, energy, mood, and metabolism.…

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How Appetite Suppressants Work

Appetite suppressants are essential in the weight loss process since they help control food intake, keeping you comfortable in the process. However, you need to note that appetite suppressants alone do not help in losing weight. As part of a personalized program, you can follow a specific diet in the weight loss journey with behavioral counseling that helps you adapt to exercise and healthy eating habits. Additionally, if you have a problem with binge-eating, you can check out the top appetite suppressants on the market to help you control your hunger and weight.

Below are the ways in which appetite suppressants work:

They Cause a Feeling of Fullness

fiber supplements cause fullnessWhen taken, appetite suppressants with fiber lead to a feeling of fullness in the stomach. This is because fiber is a part of food your body cannot digest and has low nutritional value. There are two kinds of fiber, soluble that can dissolve in water and insoluble that does not, and your body needs both. The intake of adequate fibers aid weight loss since food high in fiber need more chewing time, giving your body time to respond when you are not hungry. As a result, you feel full for longer. High  fiber-diets include low-calorie food. The best way to meet fiber needs is food containing whole grains, vegetables, best, and legumes. However, you can use supplements that contain soluble fiber like pectin, psyllium, and gum to suppress appetite.

They Block Hunger by Targeting Adrenal Glands

These pills promote weight loss through the reduction of stress. When the body is under pressure, your brain signals adrenal glands to produce cortisol in the bloodstream. When cortisol levels are elevated persistently, it leads to weight gain, mainly around your waistline.

Cortisol blockers have ingredients that calm your anxiety, making you less stressed and relaxed. With less stress, less cortisol is produced, leading to reduced belly fat. In addition, in times of environmental stress like drought and feminine, cortisol helps provide the psychological drive, enabling you to search for food and eat more to survive.

They Increase Serotonin in the Body

Serotonin is nature’s appetite suppressant. This chemical in the brain significantly lowers appetite and cravings. It leads to the feeling of fullness even when you have not taken a meal that results in less eating and loss of weight. Serotonin, the natural mood regulator, makes you feel stable emotionally, more tranquil, less anxious, focused, and energetic. Also, when you consume a pre-meal carbohydrate drink made from serotonin, you become less hungry and can control calorie intake.


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